iBirthToday.com is the joint creation of HomeChild Magazine from Russia and Midwifery Today magazine from the US.

iBirthToday is a new internet TV station for mothers, midwives, childbirth workers, families and all people interested in natural birth, great parenting, and healthy lifestyles.
But, iBirthToday is more than just programing for parents and midwives!

Every human has come to earth through birth, so birth is the one life event we all share. To live life, you must have been birthed. In order to be birthed in the best way possible, we need parental love, connection and bonding with family, and a strong microbiome for the best health and protection from illness. We want every person to have the most optimal birth and life possible!

iBirthToday combines the best new ways of thinking with the old ways, which have nurtured humans for centuries. It is based on the love and respect we have for each other and for the earth we live on.

Love and respect are needed in pregnancy, birth, parenting and, indeed, in all of life. iBirthToday is for and about you, whatever your beliefs about life are. We want to help you to be the best you can be. It is about hope, science, spirit, kindness, love and about helping each other as well as being helped.

And we really need your support!

Please contact us: ibirthtodaytv@gmail.com

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